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Customers Say It Best

"As someone who loves an aesthetic dorm room and brings way too many things to fit in a tiny space, TSD allows me to maximize my space while maintaining the organization I need with a clean and simple look!"

Emma C., College Student

"Purposely designed by college students. It's practical organization and visually pleasing! TSD just created shelf appeal..."

Lendell P., Parent of College Student

"I really like my Dorm Buddy Plus™! It has been beneficial because I don't have much space or containers in my dorm. I currently have a lamp, some books, my textbooks, perfume, and a fake plant on my shelf! It looks seamless with the rest of my desk!"

Phoebe S., College Student

"I find my Dorm Buddy Plus™ very useful - my desk doesn't get crowded because of it. I put stuff up there like books and folders and have pictures up on it as well. It's definitely nice to have an extra shelf. It fits perfectly!"

Seb M., College Student



At TSD, we are always looking for ways to further improve our products and customer experience. If you love your Dorm Buddy™ and Dorm Buddy Plus™ and/or have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know! Your feedback might just be featured on our pages :)

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